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For the Parents

We aim to involve parents at every opportunity, and our parents committee is an extremely important part of this. This takes place in the form of a discussion forum, where parents can learn how the curriculum is progressing and our immediate plans for the school year. They are also free to make suggestions, discuss possibilities and contribute significantly to the ongoing growth and development of the NVIS methodology, and the wider program as a whole.

Safety First

As summer draws to a close and children start heading back to school, family life can get pretty hectic. It's important to remember – and share with your children – some key tips that will help keep them safe and healthy throughout the school year.

Arriving at School

Our school bus and shuttle service are a great solution for students and parents as they meet the highest safety standards and ensure an efficient journey to and from school.

There are a variety of bus and shuttle routes and lines that cater to different ages and entry/exit times. As an Eco-School we are committed to raising awareness and implementing ways to reduce our carbon footprint.


At New Vision International Schools, students from Nursery to Year 13 are required to wear a uniform.
Our school uniform gives a sense of belonging and pride whilst ensuring equality amongst students.

After-School Activities 

As educators we know that the life of the school has to go well beyond the school day. Our students can practise a sport, a musical activity, augment their studies, learn a language or simply do something that is fun and educational.

Food & Health

We provide students with a balanced diet of meals that combine the food groups and ensure that children get enough fruit and vegetables so that they have plenty of vitamins in their diet and can sustain a better level of energy throughout the school day. When designing our menus, we take into account all possible dietary requirements, including vegetarianism, veganism and gluten free diets.

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