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Our School

Our School welcomes cultural diversity and global awareness. In efforts of doing so, a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment is guaranteed. Moreover, an advanced learning environment enhances students' critical thinking and encourages the moral and academic development of each student.
A partnership between the school’s administration, teachers, parents, and students forms a well endorsed healthy community to ensure each student’s uniqueness, right to learn and potential.


Principal’s Welcome

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Greetings, parents and children.


Welcome to New Vision International Schools, your school and second home.


A school's job is to develop and bolster the character of our next generation of leaders. Students with strong motivation and a decent sense of pride and morals tend to be the happiest and most successful. We want to raise the next generation of leaders via education and the capacity to function in daily life, not merely through competition.



In general, the academic successes are a testament to both the faculty and the students. High academic achievement as well as student accomplishment in outside competitions are strongly promoted in our schools.


Each student will have the opportunity to find his or her own niche and, obviously, be confident in pursuing well-informed career choices thanks to our curriculum, extensive list of extracurricular activities, sporting and performing arts facilities, a varied social calendar, and proper university guidance.

All of our children, regardless of age, are raised in a setting designed to help them reach their full potential as independent, well-mannered adults with high self-esteem and even higher moral standards. Our school is dedicated to giving students an exceptional, rich educational experience that will, in turn, give them support, encouragement, and caring. According to our motto, "Children Today, Leaders Tomorrow," we strive to create generations that will guide the future.

Thanking your time,

Dr. Noha Awad  


Mission and Vision

Our goal is to inspire and act as a role model for all of our students to realize their full potential and grow as a person. Both on the academic side and mental as they are growing up.

Our Values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Courage

Faculty & Staff

NVIS teachers are all professionally trained and are required to maintain educational standards. Each faculty and staff member has been chosen to work in partnership with parents to provide a supportive and effective learning experience for each student.


Teachers have great impact on students and on increasing their academic level. They play several critical rules in the school improvement plan. The role of teachers can’t be ignored since the major objective of the school improvement plan is to improve the students’ achievement.


Maheen Samer

Math Teacher 


Yousef Elhenawy

Head Of Phy Department


Basma Almasri

Chem Teacher


Cansu Alev Elveren

Secondary Turkish Teacher


Muhamed Shah

Academic Director


Fatma Baş

Head Of Turkish Language


Ahmed Mario

Software Professional

Happy Businesswoman

Heba Almaayta

Head Of Science Department


Yousef Ali

IT Supervisor

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