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We offer a broad range of academic courses to satisfy the most curious minds. In an, all students ’ academic settings, teaching, and learning styles are geared specifically toward how young students learn best.

From our KG, Primary (grades1-4)  Middle School (grades 5-8) through Upper School (grades 9-12), our curriculum challenges each student to reach his potential. We are proud of our 100% university placement from each graduating class. With more than 800 active alumni spanning the globe, our graduates benefit from worldwide connections.



Welcome! You are one step closer to academic success with a click of a button.
The next step is to understand why this school is the one for you. There are many international schools within our region, here is how we are aiming to be the recipients of the Best International School award in the near future.
To start, New Vision International provides a California-based curriculum to all students from K through 12.

Books which are taught to native English-speaking students will be provided to our students and taught by Native teachers... This program has been closely monitored by the necessary authorities in order to ensure that our students will have the ability to continue a successful academic career going into University, which will help them going forward in their professional life. Along with other languages taught i..e German, French, and of course Turkish.

Not only do we pride ourselves here at NVIS in our ability to help bilingual students become fluent in English while providing the necessary academic history to better prepare them for a successful future. We also create a warm welcoming atmosphere for our students in order to help mold and motivate them. We ensure that no student or more importantly child is left behind. As we believe here, and live by our motto which is. Children Today, Leaders Tomorrow.

How to Apply

  • We accept reservations directly through our registration team, giving potential parents a point of contact right away.


  • Candidates complete the necessary paperwork, and we set up a placement test. After that, there is an interview with the school's administration, teachers, and counselors.


  • We have a variety of times and days available for new kids and their parents to visit the school before enrolling to have a tour and get to know some of the staff.


  • The entire registration and admissions process can be conducted remotely and online in accordance with our policy of technological modernism and a paperless environment, so if no one is available to visit prior to enrolment, there is absolutely no problem.

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